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Horse Club EquitoursUA

We are a leading player in the equestrian tourism market in Ukraine and offer the best services in the field of horseback tourism and leisure.


What makes us unique:


  • A herd of horses (up to 90 horses)

  • A beautiful location high in the mountains, away from civilization

  • An original human-horse interaction system with the herd of horses, as well as with each individual horse (based on an understanding of horse psychology and behavior through our own experience)

  • Our own mountain horse tourism school

  • We have been working in this field since 2001, and based on our experience, we have created our own collaboration system between the horse and the rider.


About our collaboration system with horses:


The system gradually developed over years of observing the extensive herd of Hutsul breed horses at Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo." Our herd at Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo" comprises 90 horses, bred in the mountainous regions at high altitudes where this remarkable breed originated. Through meticulous observation of horse relationships within the herd, influenced by various factors, we have crafted an exceptional interaction system between riders and horses. In this system, riders collaborate with horses on equal terms, seeking to comprehend the essence from within—the process itself—rather than viewing horses solely as tools with guides. This method revives an ancient system wherein riders skillfully cooperated with horses raised within the herd, a practice that held great significance in past eras as it facilitated cost-effective horse rearing and maintenance through herd management. We wholeheartedly embrace this approach. We learn to work harmoniously with horses, understanding their language and honoring their unique perspective, rather than imposing our human-centric communication. This fosters mutual understanding, forging a profound connection between humans and these magnificent equine beings.


As we work in mountainous terrain, our system needs to be precise and polished:

  • The ability to lead a horse effectively.

  • The ability to sit correctly in the saddle.

  • The ability to saddle and unsaddle horses in trekking conditions.

  • The ability to collaborate with the herd and with each individual horse separately.

Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of people and horses during expeditions, particularly in challenging mountain environments.

Our motto: "A day of a horse lived together with a human is simply a day of a horse lived together with a human."

Our uniqueness lies in:

  1. We are the owners and breeders of the largest herd of Hutsul horses in Ukraine, which are raised in our farm. The breeding work with horses at Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo" has been focused on their working productivity, specifically:

  • The movements of the horses (smooth gait)

  • The conformation of the horses (characteristic of mountain horses and most suitable for work in the mountains)

  • The temperament of the horses (gentle, calm, and intelligent)


2. Olexandr Ignatenko's School of Mountain Horse Tourism  (comprehensive course in mountain horse tourism). During this course, our students undergo preparatory training in the mountains, in natural conditions, and during horse treks. Once we assess that the student is psychologically and physically ready for expeditionary trips, they have the opportunity to participate in multi-day treks according to their level of preparedness in collaboration with the horses.


3. A horse tourist with a certain level of proficiency embarks on a trek of their level or higher. This ensures tranquility, safety, and comfort for all participants of the horse trek: the horses, the guide, and the horse tourists.


4. Thanks to our well-acquainted herd and collaboration system with horses, we can accommodate groups of up to 20 students for training purposes and form equestrian tourist groups of up to 40 individuals, as the number of horses allows. This provides an opportunity to experience the true energy of the herd, where the mass of horses and people in the mountains is united by a shared idea.


Goal #1: Our primary objective is to preserve and breed the extraordinary Hutsul breed of horses within their natural habitat while establishing a niche where these horses can flourish. This niche serves as an environment where the horses bring joy and tranquility to people, while also ensuring their own right to a comfortable existence alongside humans.


Goal #2: (Derived from Goal #1) Ensuring a harmonious partnership between humans and horses, and providing a comfortable existence for both:

  • Establish a knowledge base and practical experience in the collaboration between humans and horses, where individuals actively work on themselves to develop a deep understanding of horses.

  • Create unforgettable experiences and help our clients discover harmony with nature and themselves. Engage in conscious equestrian tourism where each participant recognizes their role in the process.

  • Prepare horse tourists to a level where they can confidently participate in horse treks that align with their level of collaboration with the horse, guide, and other group members.


We offer a wide range of programs, including horse camps, a comprehensive course in mountain horse tourism (both online and in-person training), specialized training, multi-day horse treks of various levels. Additionally, our EquitoursUA club provides unique opportunities to engage with the herd and join club outings abroad.


Goal #3: Bring together individuals who share the same passion through the EquitoursUA club, where members can actively contribute to event and club trek planning. This includes the organization of thrilling horse treks, both in the Carpathian Mountains and international destinations.


Because we use a mountain breed of horses that are specifically bred and adapted for mountainous terrains, we can explore places that are challenging for humans to navigate. Whether it's navigating turbulent mountain streams, rocky peaks, or even marshy valleys, our horses enable us to explore the most unique, exotic, and seemingly perilous locations in the stunning Carpathian Mountains. This allows us to venture into every corner and crevice of these magnificent and mysterious mountains.


We facilitate a unique partnership where the human takes the lead while the horse serves as the guide.

Our guiding principle is: "The rider introduces the horse to an obstacle and enables the horse to make decisions on how to overcome it."

We prioritize delivering high-quality services that prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients, while also demonstrating environmental responsibility and respect for nature. "We harness the power of the herd for our benefit, not against us."


Since our clients primarily consist of adults aged 18 and above, we strive to broaden our age range. To achieve this, we have created an exciting program called "Horse Guests" Horse Camp or Relaxation tour in the herd of horsesThis program is designed to mentally prepare individuals and showcase our collaboration with horses, catering to both adults and children aged 10 and above. The Relaxation tour in the herd of horses program features 3 lectures where we demonstrate our collaboration with horses. Additionally, we have developed a series of children's books titled "ВдосКОНЯлюємося" ("Horseful Discoveries"), which are intended for an audience starting from 2 years old.


We are certain that our equestrian club is the ideal choice for those seeking an immersive understanding of horse trekking. We provide the opportunity to participate in treks (expeditions) of such complexity that an unprepared participant would not be able to join. These treks offer a unique experience where you will not only collaborate with your own horse but also work alongside the horses of all the participants. Each participant engages in this collaborative experience, fostering a profound connection with both their own horse and the entire group.


Our treks may seem challenging from the outside, but they are designed to be the safest through careful preparation. With collective cooperation, our treks become easier, allowing individuals to confidently fulfill their responsibilities and be themselves even in the largest group of like-minded individuals.


We are dedicated to the ongoing growth and improvement of our club, with a strong focus on delivering high-quality and unforgettable services to our valued clients.

Innovative Equestrian Club:


  • A herd of purebred Hutsul horses living in the wild pastures of the Carpathian Mountains—where else can a Hutsul horse be more at home than in its natural environment and among its own herd?;


  • All the horses in the herd are trained using the same system;


  • Club members learn and engage with horses using a unified system that is natural and easy for the horses to understand;


  • You don't need to buy a horse and take responsibility for its care. Instead, you have access to the club's horses, whether it's an individual horse or the entire herd. Rest assured that they will be well taken care of in a beautiful location, surrounded by people who will treat them with care and respect;


  • Club members are like-minded individuals who share your love for horses and adventures;


  • Club members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of club events. These include horse camps for relaxation, online webinars for getting answers to questions, training sessions for learning and practice, horse expeditions for training and adventure, equestrian journeys planned in collaboration with participants, held either in Ukraine or abroad. Additionally, there are club gatherings and events related to the herd. It all depends on the participant's level; the higher the level, the more events they can attend;


  • The affordable price is achieved through the number of horses and participants involved;


  • Your journey to us always includes a trip to the Carpathian Mountains, full board accommodation, and interaction with horses. It's not just a routine visit to the stables. It's a combination of relaxation, rejuvenation, learning, and enjoyable company.;


  • We teach riding for horse treks, not for equestrian sports. Although your personal physical condition will greatly improve, you'll be motivated to change for yourself and your horses;


  • Loyalty program: Discounts on training are available for participants starting from Level 2 (the ability to join horse expeditions). *Discounts apply when participating in 2 or more events per season.

Кінний клуб EquitoursUA

Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo"
Hutsul horse breeding center

Племрепродуктор коней гуцульської породи ФГ "Полонинське Господарство"
Керівник Ігнатенко Олександр Петрович, ветеринар за освітою. 

The "Polonynske Hospodarstvo" equestrian farm was established in 2001. It is led by Oleksander Ihnatenko, who is a veterinarian by profession.

The Hutsul horse, also known as "hutsulyk," is an indigenous horse breed bred by the Hutsul ethnic group in the Carpathian Mountains.

For centuries, Hutsul horses have been essential companions to our ancestors in surviving the harsh conditions of the Carpathians. Known as "wise horses," if you treat a hutsulyk with kindness, it will respond well, but it always maintains its independent nature.

The exact origin of the breed is unknown, with possible influences from the Tarpan, Mongol, and Przewalski's horses. Some breeders suggest an admixture of Arab horse blood during Turkish wars. However, the natural selection process in the rugged Carpathian environment has shaped the breed, focusing on important traits and adaptability.

At "Polonynske Hospodarstvo," our primary goal is to enhance the productivity and adaptation of Hutsul horses to these challenging environmental conditions. We have chosen the path of preserving and reinforcing the key characteristics of the Hutsul breed, rather than introducing new elements.

"Polonynske Hospodarstvo" was registered in 2001 and achieved the status of a Hutsul horse breeding nucleus in 2004. Currently, we have a herd of 86 Hutsul horses at our breeding center.

The Preluky farm is unique as it provides the natural environmental conditions that have shaped the breed over thousands of years. Located 930 meters above sea level, it is situated under the Rivna and Gostra subalpine meadows. Through years of dedicated breeding efforts, we have come close to the Hutsul horse breed's historical standards.

Aside from their kind, energetic, and easy-to-handle nature, hutsulyks have a distinctive and balanced way of riding that sets them apart from other horses. They move in a manner that resembles swimming over the land.

Despite their gentle appearance, true hutsulyks are capable of defending themselves against wolf attacks. They also exhibit kindness towards humans, as they understand that we are there to assist them in times of need.

It is only up to the horse to bring the sacks with bryndza and butter, or the master-horseman, down from the remote highlands, making its way through the abrupt narrow paths. Each and everyone rides a horse in Gutsulshchina, because the roads are rocky, the mountains are abrupt, the destinations are remote. Gutsul woman sits on the horse spinning; a mother sits on the horse caring for her child. The newborn is symbolically laid on the horse; the Prince and the Princess (the fiancé and the bride) ride the horses on their way to the wedding… These cases are not the only, of course. Gutsul horse is of great help for the low-sight person, or for the sleeping person: the animal will bring them home safely and surely. I remember my father set me on a horseback of our mighty mare. It used to bring me, a little girl, to the stall; I would roll down to the crib with the sweet-smelling hey and listen to the mother-like breath of the trustworthy chestnut tutoress above my head…   Gutsul horse used to save its master from the predators. No wonder the old people said: but for the help of Gutsul horse, the mountains would be deserted.» 

— Vlad Maria

The primary aim of the Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo" is to preserve Hutsul horses in their natural habitat. Testing plays a vital role in our breeding program, particularly in assessing performance productivity. We employ various methods to test Hutsul horses, including the challenging "Hutsul path" where experienced riders navigate artificial obstacles. However, due to our horses' high mountain living conditions, we have adopted a different approach to testing – equestrian tourism along the natural Hutsul paths with inexperienced tourists. This allows us to observe and evaluate each horse's performance productivity in a real-world setting.

To provide insights into our horse herd, it is important to explore its history. In 2001, the Farm "Zolota Pidkova" Hutsul horse breeding unit acquired two stallions: Bulan and Mudryi. These stallions were chosen based on their performance, nature, and character, making them well-suited for our work. Over several years, we bred our broodmares with these stallions. Eventually, we decided to focus on the Mudryi line. In 2007, Bulan was sold to the Horse-Riding Club "Magnate" and was given the name Bublik.

In 2003, we selected Viter, an uncastrated stallion, from Mudryi's offspring. We intentionally pursued inbreeding by breeding Viter with several broodmares from the 2001 cohort, aiming to solidify Mudryi's traits. From this breeding, Orlyk, our main stallion, was born in 2004 and has remained a key part of our breeding program.

In 2007, as Orlyk and Bulan traced their lineage back to Hurhul (Slovak line), we imported Vulkan, a stallion from Hungary. Vulkan belonged to the Bukovynian line of Oishor, genetically distinct from the Hurhul line. By breeding with Vulkan, we avoided the risks of close cross-breeding and successfully produced offspring with desired characteristics.

Кінна ферма "Полонинське Господарство"

NGO "Equine World"


To expand our capabilities and fulfill our tasks and goals, we have established the NGO "Equine World."


The main goal of the NGO "Equine World" is to contribute to the preservation and development of Ukrainian cultural heritage in horsemanship and its adaptation to modern conditions; to popularize equestrian tourism and conscious collaboration with horses; to protect the rights and interests of the members of the Organization.​

Charter of the NGO "Equine World" (Ukrainian)

ГО "Кінний Світ" Про нас
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