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Training Camp 1: 24-30.05.2024 

Training Camp 2: 21-27.06.2024 


Horses and Heroes:


Training Camp 3: 26.07-1.08.2024 

Horseback Ride Mount Pikui:



Training Camp 4: 17-23.08.2024

Horse Guests Camp 2. (Relax tour):


Training Camp 5: 20-26.09.2024

We are constantly present on the farm, and when we don't have groups, we focus on the development of the farm and the horses. We kindly request that you refrain from approaching us with inquiries about services. All services and their schedules are described in the provided schedule!

The practical part of the Mountain Horse Tourism Course (Training Camp).

Only participants of the practical course from 2019-2020 (participants from 2019-2020 receive free access to the online course, please register on the website and contact us to obtain a coupon for the online course) and all participants who have completed the online course have access to the training camp. By purchasing the online course, you can reserve spots in the training camp.

This schedule serves as a foundation, and we will customize it in our collaboration with our guests and the guests of our horses. In other words, we will use this schedule as a framework, adding additional groups as the basic groups fill up.


In the 2022 season, we introduced a new feature that proved to be highly successful. We added an additional day that our guests do not pay for. This extra day, gifted by our horses to their guests, turned out to be effortless for both us and the horses. Moreover, this extra day provided our course participants with the opportunity to engage in practical training, selecting the best weather conditions. In the 2022 season, this additional day was granted to the course participant groups. And in the 2023 season, the same day will be allocated to the traveling groups (outbound course participant groups) as well. Instead of seven paid days with departure on the eighth day, they will have an extra rest day, meaning the departure will be on the ninth day. This will allow us to adjust our journeys according to the weather conditions, providing comfort for both equestrian travelers and guides, as well as the horses.

The Horse Guests Camp (Relax Tour)

Participants: All adults and children (from 10 years old) accompanied by adults are welcome to join.


Objective: To connect people with nature and foster an understanding that other beings are also living creatures with their own space, life, and perspectives. Learn more about horses by observing and exploring the region where the Hutsul breed of horses originated. Experience it, be there, and then decide if you want to join our program.


It is a kind of ethology (observation of animals in their natural environment) and equine-assisted therapy. The Horse Guests Camp provides explanations and demonstrations. It is more of a leisurely discovery of the equestrian theme. We showcase our partnership with horses that are raised in the mountains and in harmony with nature.


During the Training Camp, we ride horses, but during Relax Tour, we do not ride horses.

Training Camp (or any other green event)

Open to both newcomers (after completing the online course) and those who have been with us before. There is always something to learn and improve upon. This is our main "arena" and where our training takes place.

Participants go on basic mountain horse riding routes. It is mandatory for everyone to discuss the riding sessions based on recorded material (each expedition is captured on camera).


Horseback Ride to Mount Pikui (or any other violet event)

Open to participants with a skill level of 1+ and 2. Includes more practice and longer expeditions during 3 days of training course, and 4 days of expedition. It is an outbound course. Mandatory discussion of the expeditions based on recorded material (each expedition is captured on camera).

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