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Olexandr Ignatenko's School of Mountain Horse Tourism


What is mountain horseback tourism?


Online course


Training Camp

Only mountains, horses, and the real You...

What is mountain horseback tourism?

It's a team game where we harness the energy of the herd to work with us, rather than against us.

When we journey through the mountains, we align ourselves with the horse's natural movement, rather than opposing it. As a result, larger groups provide greater comfort for both humans and horses.

When the horse is our companion, not just a means of transport.

We don't teach our horses, we learn from them. We don't seek to dominate horses, as we are already on top.

Experience mountain horseback tourism for yourself! It might just become your new favorite hobby!

We come to horses, not the other way around.

We have extensive experience in mountain horseback treks and working with our own herd, so we can share this knowledge endlessly.

Take part in our comprehensive mountain horseback tourism course. The course consists of an online component and practical sessions in the mountains, which are essentially horseback treks where course participants work with horses independently. During the course, all our treks are referred to as practical sessions. After each practical session, there is a discussion of mistakes based on recorded material (each trip is captured on camera).

The course is a horseback journey where you learn and acquire new skills!

You have the option to purchase the theoretical part (online course) of the course separately, either for yourself or as a gift. However, please note that participation in the practical part (Training Camp) of the course is only available after completing the theoretical portion.

Who is the mountain horseback tourism course for?


1. For beginners (18 years old and up, it's never too late) who have never ridden before but have a dream of starting. You are like a clean slate, ready to learn and explore something new.


2. For those who are already involved in horseback riding and equestrian sports and wish to improve their skills. It offers a chance to learn more about herd horses, apply the acquired knowledge in practical situations, and enjoy riding in natural environments.


3. For equestrians and horse owners. Learn something new: where better to learn to understand the language of a horse, feel the horse's feedback, than from a herd horse-partner that has grown up and lives in its natural environment within a real herd with a hierarchy? Where else can you see and correct your mistakes in posture, control, and horse handling better than on training mountain expeditions that are recorded on video and reviewed with detailed discussions on the causes of mistakes and ways to rectify them? The knowledge you gain can be applied with your own horses, for which they will be immensely grateful.

Whether you have prior experience in horseback riding or not:

  • Learn to independently take care of yourself and collaborate with other participants on a mountain horseback tour. This includes skills such as mounting and dismounting the horse in various situations and terrains, saddling and unsaddling horses as a team, and more.

  • Through the collective efforts of your group, with the help of our horses, we will surpass your expectations and give you more than you could ever imagine.

  • Immerse yourself in the life of a herd of powerful, calm, and free Hutsul horses. This experience will enable you to gain insights into human relationships and discover your own role within a community.


Our herd consists of up to 90 Hutsul horses. The herd is divided into two parts: the working horses and the "foal nursery." We will be working with the working herd (47 horses).


The course author is Olexandr Ignatenko, who:


  • veterinarian, breeder, and owner of the herd;

  • extensive experience in working with horses;

  • keen sense and understanding of horses, people, and mountains.

Indeed, anyone can become an equestrian tourist!

Are you passionate about horses, mountains, and do you have a strong desire to go on thrilling horseback expeditions? Look no further. Join us and fulfill your dream of embarking on unforgettable equestrian adventures!

Кінний туризм

Equestrian Tourism in Mountainous Regions Online Course (15 days)

"To embark on real horseback expeditions, it is essential to have an insider's understanding. Only then can these expeditions be genuine and mindful. If a horseback tourist lacks the knowledge of what a horseback expedition truly involves, how to conduct themselves during the journey, how to interact with the horse and other participants, then such an expedition becomes nothing more than a risky pretense."

Oleksander Ihnatenko

course author


Format: Recorded video lessons and tests that can be taken at any convenient time.

The course will be continuously improved.

Price: 97 EUR

Read more about the online course

Онлайн курс

Practical Part of the Course
By purchasing the theoretical part of the course, you can reserve a spot in the practical groups.

What do we have?

  • A herd of tribal hutsul horses

  • Horseback tours providing experiance since 2001 

  • Tasty food

  • Great location

  • Far from civilization (6,5 km and 18 km from nearest villages) 

 The cost of the practical part of the course is 97 EUR (payment can be made on-site or one day before the start of the practical part).

  • Course Program: Exercises, Horseback Riding, Mistake Correction... in more details

  • Three meals a day

  • Rental of a protective helmet

  • Insurance coverage

  • Accommodation will be arranged in a large tent with 16 spots, equipped with mattresses and beds. Alternatively, participants can bring their own tents.

  • Transfer service from Uzhhorod to the course location and back

What will you get?

  • ​6 days of complete retreat far from civilization ​​

  • Both beginners and experienced equestrians will gain a unique new experience ​​and self-improvement

  • A practical course training where everyone works on themselves

  • New acquaintances. Groups of up to 20 people (if you don't have anyone to go with, feel free to join! You'll become part of a team of like-minded individuals) ​​

  • Upon achieving one of the 4 levels of equestrian tourism, you will have the opportunity to participate in further, more challenging horseback journeys with us! Only mountains, horses, and the real you... ​


Course Participant Requirements:

  • Adults aged 18 and above

  • Weight restrictions: women up to 80 kg, men up to 90 kg Why?

  • Good physical condition

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Ability to work with a coach


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