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From the NGO 'Equine World' and the Olexandr Ignatenko's School of Mountain Horse Tourism


Relaxation videos with a herd of Hutsul horses

For those with a real passion for horses!

Videos of a horse herd and the sounds of nature

Dive into the unique world of nature and harmony with 33 videos, each approximately 30 minutes long, totaling 16 hours of uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Each video invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, which surround our herd of Hutsul horses. From the gentle rustle of the wind to the melodious chirping of birds, you'll experience the natural sounds that accompany the herd, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of peace and relaxation. These videos are crafted for those who have a genuine love for horses and seek to revel in the beauty of the Carpathian landscape. Furthermore, these videos offer a delightful opportunity to observe the behavior and interactions of the horses within the herd!

Videos with a herd of horses and relaxing music

Our small experiment. 8 videos, which means 4 hours of relaxation music individually created for each video! Unique shots not found in previous videos, many shots in slo-mo. It's also a treasure for those who want to learn more about the lives of horses!

Videos of a horseback ride through the Carpathian forests and Mountains

4 videos totaling 2.5 hours in length. During this remarkable journey, imagine yourself as a rider journeying through the scenic Carpathian forests and magnificent mountains, listening to the natural sounds and feeling the gentle breeze against your face. The horse's breath, the hoofbeats, and the creaking of the saddle...May this atmospheric journey provide you with moments of tranquility, harmony, and inspiration.

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