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NGO "Equine World"/Project №1

Коні і Герої лого

Free Equine Therapy Rehabilitation Programs for Combatants and Veterans "Horses and Heroes"

Restoring mental, physical, emotional health, and vitality in a calm, safe, natural environment in the Carpathians. We provide external, educational experiences, hiking in the mountains, immersion in picturesque mountain places, and interaction with the herd of horses, which promote companionship and contribute to both mental and physical strength.

Unique programs, a large number of participants

In 2024, we plan to conduct Program №1 "Rehabilitation of combatants and veterans through contact with a herd of horses in the mountains. No riding." We also hope to attract participants for Program №2 "Rehabilitation of combatants and veterans through contact with a herd of horses in the mountains. With horseback riding." planned for 2025.


In 2024, we will accept a minimum of 40 participants and can accept of 250 participants. In 2025, if necessary, we will increase the maximum number of participants in the season.

We create conditions for the emotional and psychological rehabilitation

Program №1

8 days/7 nights living among the herd of Hutsul horses in the picturesque mountainous area (territory of Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo", 930 meters above sea level, between Polonyna Rivna and Hostra).


  • Equine therapy session lasting 8 days/7 nights;

  • Surrounded by forests, streams, mountains, the natural beauty of the territory of Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo", the herd of horses, natural ambient sounds (stream sounds, birds, etc.). And most importantly, a calm and safe place with people with similar experiences;

  • Lectures and workshops about horses conducted by the owner and breeder of the herd of pedigree Hutsul horses, equine therapist, veterinarian, founder of the Mountain Horse Tourism School Olexandr Ihnatenko;

  • Communication with like-minded individuals, the group consists of 40 combatants and veterans (a number of people that allows both individual and group activities);

  • Behavioral rules within the herd create a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the camp;

  • Opportunity to independently observe the life of the herd of horses; if using the knowledge gained in workshops and lectures, observation will provide a better understanding of what is happening in the herd and the nature of the horse itself;

  • Organized hikes with a guide along routes to Polonyna Hostra, Polonyna Rivna, Voyevodyno Waterfall, etc.;

  • Hot tub: relaxation for the body;

  • All the blessings of mountain life: tranquility, clean tasty water from streams, the possibility to harvest herbal tea, berries, mushrooms plus all the necessary comforts: spacious wood-fired shower, large indoor table, large and small cabins, 4 toilets (sitting), accommodation in a shared 16-person large tent with beds and mattresses, or in your own personal tent.

  • 3 meals a day;

  • Internet via Starlink available for 30 minutes a day for communication with relatives, providing informational relief. All other times - absence of a constant flow of information.


After 8 transformational days, participants may better understand and control themselves, cope with painful memories, deal with real-life situations, and move forward in life.