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NGO "Equine World"/Project №2

Development of Oleksandr Ihnatenko's School of Mountain Horse Tourism 

Before the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, Olexandr Ihnatenko's School of Mountain Horse Tourism self-funded its programs and supported the lives of the stud farm horses at Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo". Since February 24, 2022, it has become more challenging to attract participants (due to a lack of funds for advertising, etc.). To enable the school to continue developing in the chosen direction, additional funding is required. You can learn about all the school's programs on this website.

School activities


Child's books series "вдосКОНЯлюємося" ("Horsefull Discoveries")


For adults and kids (starting from 10 y.o.) - Horse Guest Camp


From the age of 12, we offer the "Ethology" course (a course about horse behavior in their natural environment). The course is currently under development.


Webinars (free of charge)


From the age of 18, everuone can join the Mountain Horse Tourism Course (15 days online course+1 week Training Camp in Mountains). Later participate in full-fledged horseback expeditions. 


Innovative Equestrian Club EquitoursUA 

You can support the school either through the NGO "Equestrian World" or by participating in its paid services.

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