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NGO "Equine World"/Project №3

Preservation of the horse population of the Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo"

The farm's horses are carriers superior genetic material. Adaptation to mountainous conditions and selective breeding have been ongoing since 2001. 42 mares, 2 stallions, 39 geldings. The largest herd of breeding working horses in Ukraine. Given the farm's dedicated approach to responsible horse breeding and the sale of horses exclusively through a special program, support is crucial for the upkeep of the mares.

Thanks to the natural cooperation with horses and constant maintenance in the herd, the horses are in their best form. Hutsul horses have long been used in various fields of agriculture (they are versatile horses): in domestic farming; in logging; as riding and pack horses for mountainous terrain; in the army and during wars. Faithful as a dog, majestic as a horse, a true and sincere friend. Read more about the herd of Hutsul horses at the Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo" here.

Video with horses from the Farm "Polonynske Hospodarstvo"

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